In a Rut.

Posted Mar 30, 2007
Last Updated Mar 30, 2007
I will tell you something, it is hard to get out of a rut. Like I know that I am suppose to study and pray all the time but I somehow always find time for other things. Almost as if I didnt even care about God or eternal life. I need to somehow work on it more.

I use to have a study time I would set aside but I was discouraged from it once and never started back up. You know I think I was better off a few years ago then now. You have any suggestions on how to motivate myself back into a good steady schedule? Put it this way I am one of the people who get really worked up about doing it then never start.

Life sure does love to kick you when you are down though. Maybe God decided you need a little more to think about when your down. Of course it is probably cause we dont depend on him when we are doing great. I mean I am actually in a good point and I am happy but I reallize that it wont keep this way if I dont figure something out.

lol I need a personal guard to beat me when I get off track! :D Ok so maybe that isnt the best idea but it is better than what I do now. Well I will stop for now but I will probably continue some more random thoughts by me later.

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Jeremy Gilbey

Aug 15, 2008

I know what you mean. I think it's hard to focus on God all the time because the great majority of your time is spent doing other things. Also, almost everything you are exposed to has nothing to do with God. Our thoughts and concerns are therefore molded to only focus on wordly things and desires of the flesh. It's more fun and easy to do other things it seems. But really, if you are close with God and want to know him more, you will find enjoyment in prayer and reading His Word. It takes dedication and a realization of how serious it is. God is our Creator, and giving Him proper reverence is a big factor in having the proper mindset to worship. He is holy, we are not.
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