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Posted Mar 30, 2007
Last Updated Mar 30, 2007
I will tell you what! You know there is a couple things I have learned to help make me happy. And well since I am the happiest person I know I figured I would share the wealth! :D First off if you make yourself believe you are happy and eventually you will believe it yourself. Second if you ask God! Wow it does wonders! I know I should have put God first on that but both are factors in it and which one I name first matters not.

I tell you what it pulls so much stress off your chest you feel like your going to explode with joy. I have been happy for years about none stop and of course you will have a few moments you are not happy or content. I mean I am happy being content with everything. Dont let things get you down. Just to let you all know since we are creatures of habit once you start doing this it is very easy to keep doing after the the starting of it. (that was in a sermon I heard not to long ago, well the habit part was not the subject)

Life is awesome! Enjoy every moment and dont let it get you down. Cheer up! :D And if you start thinking about how bad you have it think about the people in other countries or the guy/girl living on the street. I mean atleast you dont have people getting their heads shot in the background.

Well I hope this helps you become a happier person and if not sorry but it works for me! I am full of excitement! I mean how am I happy now and nothing is happening. :D But seriously God deserves all the credit! Later all and I will post again later.

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