Posted Apr 10, 2007
Last Updated Apr 10, 2007
Here is another thing I have been thinking of. You know the word why? Of course you do it is such a beautiful word. Yet most people seem to get mad when you use the word. For example: everything I have asked why to, to figure out what the reason behind them using that method just gets them upset and they start to not like you as much.

Why would people do this? I think it is cause they feel you are questioning their method as to if it is right or not. You know the thing is that so what if someone questions it. What if there is a better way but your to stubborn to change. Even if there isn't a better way what is wrong with explaining why you do it a certain way?

I think why is one of the best words there is. Makes you think about why you do something. Also when someone ask why I like it cause it means they are willing to understand why you do something that way. If you don't know why you do it that way then maybe you should question yourself why you do it that way.

The other thing is people don't always make their selves clear when explaining why which leaves confusion. Maybe one of the things we should be working on is to be clearer so that we may teach people in the Kingdom. I mean I have to work on this myself. I need to focus on this stuff everyday and make it become an everyday habit.

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