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Posted Jan 10, 2007
Last Updated Feb 10, 2007
Ok so I figured I would write about my thoughts on my music.

I wrote 67 full songs in 2006 which doesnt seem all to bad. I prefer writing techno music the most. It is more entertaining to write since you can bend the waves and do more FX stuff to them. I use Fruity Loops for almost all my songs.

I am starting to actually learn how to use Fruity Loops. I plan on one day selling the songs by just letting people download them for around 60 cents each. Everyone should leave comments I dont mind a little criticism. Also if you would like to buy a song from me you can email me.

Now for what songs I like the most of my own music. Ok I dont have a favorite song but I do like Implosion, The Run Around, Plucked, Sci-fi, Arise and Robotic Revolution the most out of my songs. But if you dont like techno then I wouldnt listen to them. I know most of my friends like Going Far which I guess is not to bad. It has a old rock sound to me. For the easy listening music I would say I like Exhibit, Learning to Walk Again and Are You There.

Writing music is what I would like to do for life. So if an opportunity came up for me to make money off of making music I would take it. If it doesnt then I guess I will just try and sell my music online for side money and just wont write much. Ok so I am done for now but I will keep writing about my music as more comes out.

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Diana Turner

Jan 13, 2007

Eric, I'm glad I finally listened to your stuff! I was impressed by a lot of it. My favorites are Arise, Chances remix, Coming Back, Facing Extinction, Going Far, Mix Music, The Run Around. I think your titles are good and usually fit the music. At first I felt like your music is too repetitive, but the more I listened the more I realized that the repition serves it purpose, and I could get into it. You have a variety of styles. I personally like the ones that are more techno. Sometimes I anticipate a heavier and faster beat, and it never comes, but that's entirely up to you. But I would complain that occasionally when you go from a few instruments to only one, the texture sounds too thin, and almost cheesy. Keep it up. If you ever get more professional equipment and sounds, you'll be even better!

Faith Burson

Jan 12, 2007

Well, I must say I have never listened to your music before, (except for a few brief seconds that Shawn showed me) and I was really impressed. I have only listened to the classical section,...(I am not a huge techno fan,) but I would pay 60 cents for them. If you do strike it big though, you owe your sister half of it for inspiring you.

Michael Schirtzinger

Jan 10, 2007

You are gay, but I still like you and wish the best with your music (punk). As soon as i can get my website completed you can offer some constuctive critisism too. Keep pounding the keys and when you make it big you owe me some beer! lol
Sky Writer